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Business People and the Church: Why Bother?


Uli Chi

In this transcript of a talk presented as part of the 2012 Urbana conference, Uli Chi addresses the growing disconnect many business people feel between their daily work and the degree to which churches are helping them to see their work in business as a legitimate expression of Christian ministry. Chi begins by examining whether there is a fundamental difference between church work and other activities that people perform during the week. Or as he puts it, “is there a difference between ‘Church Work’ and ‘The Work of the Church?’” From there, he moves on to explore ways that the church can help prepare Christians for their work in business before concluding with suggestions on how the church might organize itself in a way that would facilitate this preparation more effectively.

Following the talk, Chi also includes some practical suggestions on how to move forward in light of his talk along with responses to questions related to the talk. Though some may be surprised by Chi’s “minimalist mindset” towards church related activities, Chi offers a strong challenge for Christians to see their daily work as Christian ministry and to have their action and energy align more closely with this realization. Anyone interested in exploring how the Church can strengthen its care and preparation of its members for service in business will find this talk a helpful resource as part of that journey.

What other suggestions do you have for how to better equip Christians for work in business?

Source: Marketplace Institute

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