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Corporate Image and the Image of God


Young-Man Chung

Does the bible have anything to say about the role of marketing? Young-Man Chung certainly thinks so. In this article from a previous issue of Vocatio, Chung looks at the prominent focus of image creation within companies as a key component of corporate marketing, and then compares this behaviour with how the bible looks at the role of images. He then concludes with some suggestions on what a right approach to corporate image creation should include. People should find his piece most encouraging in helping to think through how Scripture sheds light on a practice that has become a largely unavoidable reality for most of western culture. Business people and consumers alike will benefit from his reflections about the right use of images, and hopefully will be encouraged to look more critically at their influence in our daily decisions.

Chung comments on the potentially manipulative nature of corporate images. What are some of the more subtle ways you have seen this influence affect your own decision-making?

What might we do as consumers to help guard against the negative influence that corporate images have on us?

Source: Marketplace Institute: Vocatio

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