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Design Thinking: The Missing Link between Theology and Business Practice?


Michael Hodson

Does theology really have anything meaningful to say in terms of how people design their businesses? And if so, how would people even begin to understand this connection? In this article, Michael Hodson answers both of these question by arguing that design thinking is a means for integrating theology into business practice. Before moving into his discussion on design thinking, Hodson first highlights the difficulty many business strategists have in making ethical decisions when so many possibilities exist. In response to this challenge, Hodson argues that much of people’s difficulty in making the transition from theology to business rests upon the fact that we haven’t been trained with the type of thinking and practices that make this transition more intuitive. Design thinking is what Hodson sees as the solution to this challenge. After a brief introduction to the emergence of design thinking, the article goes on to describe ways that design thinking can be a helpful way for Christians to integrate their beliefs about God with how they live on a daily basis through their work and various other activities in their lives. Hodson concludes by mentioning different phases within the design process and offers examples from various theological disciplines to demonstrate how theology could be used within design thinking to influence business practice development.

Source: Faith in Business Quarterly

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