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God and the Global Economy Conference


Stephen Long, Paul Mills, Fr. Raymond de Souza, Paul Oslington, Ray Pennings, Mark Polet, Iain Provan, Peter Stockland, Gideon Strauss, Paul Williams, Jonathan Wellum, Emile Van Velsen

Presented by Cardus and the Marketplace Institute, God and the Global Economy was a two-day conference that invited some of the best thinkers and practitioners in international political economy and theology to respond to the Pope’s encyclical Caritas in Veritate. These responses aimed to refine and expand on the dialogue that the Pope created through this important document, and to bring some of its critical insights—and problems—into Protestant focus. The conference featured an emphasis on both theological and theoretical reflection on the one hand, and policy development, institutional design, and implementation on the other.

The papal encyclical Caritas in Veritate—published in July 2009 by Pope Benedict XVI—continues a tradition of sophisticated theological engagement of Catholic social teaching with contemporary issues in political economy. The encyclical has raised considerable interest and debate, particularly amongst Catholics and evangelicals. The organizers of this conference were behind the publication in August 2009 of an open letter signed by many prominent evangelicals (see and published in First Things and Books and Culture. The letter recognized the significance of the encyclical and called on Christians, especially evangelicals, to engage and respond to it. This conference was part of that response.

A further review of this conference and of the encyclical can be found here.

Source: Marketplace Institute and Cardus

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