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Growth is Not Enough


Kate Raworth

In this animated video short, Kate Raworth, a “renegade economist” at Oxford, asks the question, “What should economies be aimed at?” She admits that when she studied economics in university, this question was not encouraged, “because the answer was a given: it was economic growth.” Instead of growth, Raworth suggests we base economic policy on “the fundamentals of what we care about,” which would see us solving the global problems of “deprivation, degradation, and inequality.”

Raworth’s mission to reorient economics is a noble one that Christians can applaud. However, where will the motivation for this kind of reorientation come from? It’s not as simple as just changing policy; we need, rather, a new vision for the human person. As Nathan McLellan argues in his article, we need to embrace the biblical vision of the human person as a person in relation to God, to other people, and to the rest of creation, rather than the capitalist vision of humans as autonomous individuals living to consume.

How can the church better present a biblical vision for the economy, so that Christians can witness to the good news of the Gospel in this important area of life?

How can Christians engage with those seeking to reorient economic life and give them a theological foundation for what they are hoping to do?

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