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Jesus in the McWorld: Christian Reflections on Globalization


Paul Williams

How would Jesus respond to today’s globalizing trends? In this talk given at City in Focus , Williams articulates the purpose—or moral vision—of capitalism, compares it with a biblical view of markets, and offers a few suggestions on how Jesus might respond to the current economic climate. Williams highlights Jesus’ assertion that Sabbath was made for the good of humankind rather than humankind for the good of Sabbath. In similar fashion, markets should be designed for the good of humanity. In order for this to happen, Williams suggests that some of the structures and practices within the current expression of markets (e.g. capitalism) need to change so that individual choice is not elevated as the supreme good. This talk offers a quick introduction to ways that Christianity offers a critique of capitalism while still embracing a market-based economy.

Source: City in Focus

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