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Maturing on the Vine: His Place, His Pace, His Pleasure


Gino Cuneo

Scripture is replete with metaphors—from work and nature—that are instructive for everyday life. It should come as no surprise, then, when someone finds parallels between their faith and their work—especially when their profession involves winemaking. In this piece from a previous issue of Vocatio, Gino Cuneo offers his reflections on his work as a viniculturalist and how it has impacted his spiritual growth through the process. This piece offers an encouraging story to see how God is present in the various details of life, both in our gifts and our brokenness. Readers interested in seeing ways that God is present during their daily work will take courage from this piece and hopefully begin to see how similar connections may be made in their own lives.

Cuneo mentions that he was unable to trust God entirely for fear God would lead him to something he wouldn’t like doing. Have you also had fears similar this? What helped you overcome them?

The article notes that fruit-bearing is not our goal but faithfulness is. How might such a posture change the way we approach our working lives?

Source: Marketplace Institute: Vocatio

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