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Prodigal Stewards: The Looming Government Debt Crisis


Paul Mills

Various countries’ national debts have been steadily growing for over a decade or more, and often at unprecedented rates. Despite these rises, society appears neutral or even cautiously approving of this behavior. What’s more, Christian voices are largely silent amidst these circumstances, despite considerable biblical texts warning about the dangers of debt and its problems. Is there anything that can be done short of massive spending cuts? And, perhaps more importantly, does the bible actually have anything relevant to say to our current financial situation or is it merely out-dated and unsophisticated in its understanding of finance and economics?

In this article economist Paul Mills outlines the current behavior of various governments and their increasing debt levels, including current justifications for this behavior. He then critiques these behaviors from a biblical perspective before concluding by suggesting how these texts can be applied to government policy decisions as well as more personal suggestions for improved stewardship.

Why are we as a society not overly worried about the continually rising debt levels?

How do you react to Mills suggestion that in addition to reducing our own debt we could assist fellow brothers and sisters in our communities to lower their debt levels?

What type of behavior changes would it require if this were to be considered?

Source: Jubilee Centre

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