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ARTICLE SERIES: Christianity & Economics


Nathan McLellan

This series of four articles written by Nathan McLellan presents a Christian vision for business and economics. The series begins by giving an overview of the current dominant market economy, namely capitalism. It goes on to challenge capitalism's understanding of the human person and society, and further presents a Christian vision for economic life. The third article in the series presents markets as a viable and even vital aspect of a relational vision and understanding of economic life. The series closes by exploring the implications for business given the nature of capitalism, an alternative Christian vision, and its compatibility with markets.

Part 1: What is Capitalism?

Part 2: What is a Christian Vision for Economic Life?

Part 3: What is the Role of Markets?

Part 4: What is a Christian Vision for Business?

Nathan is completing a Ph.D. in Christian ethics at Southern Methodist University. He holds a master’s degree in economics from Massey University and master’s degree in theology from Regent College. He was formerly the Head of Research at the Marketplace Institute Regent College and an economist at the New Zealand Treasury. He is the author of research on economic growth, productivity, and business cycles. He is also a Research Fellow at the New Zealand Maxim Institute.

Source: Marketplace Institute

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