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The Charitable-Industrial Complex


Peter Buffett

Do charities do more harm than good by feeding economic structures that generate inequality? In this article Peter Buffett, son of billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett, claims that what is needed is not more charity from the rich, but rather a new “operating system.” Buffett does not give us details about what this system should look like; he does tell us that he is not necessarily calling for the end of capitalism but rather for a new humanism that challenges prevailing assumptions about progress.

Buffett claims that we need a new “story.” How can the Christian story reorient economic activity around a truly viable “humanism”—one that is based not on selfish individualism but rather on God’s will for human flourishing?

What decisions can Christians make now to seek the welfare of those around them? Are there not cases when traditional charity is still essential (e.g. short term disaster relief)?

Source: The New York Times

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