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The Deal: Loyalty in a Short-term World


Peter Curran

The subject of changed loyalty in the workplace has been in discussion for several years now. While some positive changes have been undertaken during this time, there still remains several questions regarding what a fair expectation of loyalty should entail in today’s workplace. In response to these issues, we have chosen to republish an MI Vocatio article by Peter Curran.

In this piece Curran begins by addressing whether loyalty is even a valid notion in today’s work environment and in doing so unpacks many of the changes associated with the changing work culture. He then outlines a Christian perspective on loyalty before concluding with some reflections on how Christians might approach the context of loyalty within the workplace from both an employer and employee standpoint. Those who would like to find ways of offering loyalty in a work environment without doing so at the expense of one’s career will find this a stimulating read.

Do you think Curran’s proposed changes for rebalancing loyalty are fair ones? What other suggestions would you offer?

Source: Marketplace Institute: Vocatio

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