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The MBA Oath

Max Anderson

In the 2011 Gospel & Culture Conference held by the Center for Faith & Work, Max Anderson presents a brief talk outlining the rationale for his creation of an MBA oath while an MBA student at Harvard. Drawing upon the Hippocratic oath taken by medical doctors, Anderson believes that people within business should also be bound by a similar call to “do no harm.”

What is most notable about this talk is Anderson’s recognition that people should pursue their work within the confines of an ethical code of conduct. Even Anderson admits that such an oath will not solve the various problems faced within business on its own, but it is at least one place to start. And, if nothing else, this oath should help us consider how our daily actions can conform to the essence of the Hippocratic oath by doing no harm, regardless of the work context we are in. Those interested in exploring Anderson’s arguments further should read his book The MBA Oath: Setting a Higher Standard for Business Leaders.

Max Anderson - The MBA Oath from Redeemer Video on Vimeo.

What are some examples of behaviours or activities that should be accounted for in such an oath?

Source: Center for Faith & Work

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