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Vocation of the Business Leader: A Reflection

Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

Historically, the Catholic church has found itself in a seemingly futile situation regarding views on economics. They could either provide abstract principles and be viewed as idealistic and irrelevant, or provide more detailed prescriptions and thereby be chastised for speaking outside of their expertise. It appears that they now found a way forward in the recent paper “Vocation of the Business Leader.” The document is largely designed as a handbook for business people whereby it speaks of challenges within business today and offers helpful points to reflect upon when determining how to discern and act faithfully within one’s work context. The document concludes with some helpful self-examination questions that business people can use to evaluate how well they have incorporated the points mentioned within their business design. 

This final point particularly exemplifies the uniqueness of approach to this paper. Instead of advocating for particular policy prescriptions, this paper implements a Socratic method of self-examining questions based on the See-Judge-Act model. This approach allows the document to drill down in to practical steps without moving into a policy prescription. If early signs are any indication, it appears that this document may be used by business people in the future, a positive sign for those seeking theological integration into their daily lives. 

For readers wanting a more in-depth introduction to the document, we suggest reading an article by John L. Allen Jr. in The Catholic Reporter titled “A Vatican Document to Make Socrates Proud.”

Source: University of St. Thomas

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