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Why Business Matters to God


Jeff Van Duzer

Christians, like most, spend the vast majority of their time at work, often working in a business of some sort. Yet many of the same Christians wonder what difference it makes to be a Christian in these settings. Is it merely an instrumental purpose whereby part of its revenue is used to fund other ventures through the church, or does business also have an intrinsic role in God’s plans for creation?

Former attorney and now dean of a business school, Jeff Van Duzer helps articulate what a theology of business might look like. To do this, he sets out what God’s purpose for business is, and moves on to show how business practice can look differently as a result. This lecture offers a great example of how Scripture informs both the mission of a business and the structures and activities undertaken by a business in pursuit of its mission. Those interested in learning more about how Christianity informs the work they do will find this a fascinating lecture. Those interested in further content on this same topic should read Van Duzer’s book, which shares the same title.

What do you think are some of the barriers businesses face in trying to adopt some of the limits and purposes Van Duzer articulates?

How can Christians help one another overcome these barriers?

Source: Redeemer Presbyterian Church

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