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Why I Left World Vision for Finance—And Why My Current Work Matters as Much as My Former Work


Mark Sheerin

Is the work of wealth management as important in God’s kingdom as relief and development work? Mark Sheerin certainly thinks so. In this article, Sheerin explains the theological journey he went through in leaving his job with World Vision to start a financial planning company, and how he understood God’s guidance during this transition. He begins by noting his initial struggle and how Jeremiah 29 helped him gain a better understanding of how his new job opportunity could be seen as part of God’s purposes for the whole. Sheerin goes on to describe his realization that the gospel speaks of a cosmic scope of redemption. Or as he puts it, “… Jesus came to earth not just to patch up a relationship between mankind and an offended Father, but to radically reconcile all things to himself. He came to bring redemption to institutions and individuals, to the realms of justice and law, to education and child-rearing, to farms, to cities, to finance—to everything.”

Sheerin then offers some insights on what he has learned during this transition while still acknowledging his continual struggle to embrace this all-encompassing aspect of the gospel. He concludes by offering further insights on what a faithful posture of care for one’s city might look like, regardless of one’s particular occupation. People who are seeking a greater understanding of how their work better aligns with God’s kingdom, or of what “seeking the welfare of the city” might include will find this a valuable resource in that pursuit.

Do you think Mark’s struggle to see his financial work as equally important for God’s kingdom is a common problem? Why or why not?

What might be some ways that churches can help its members to see their work in a way similar to what Sheerin describes?

Source: Christianity Today

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