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Why Work Doesn't Happen at Work


Jason Fried

From the decision by Marissa Meyer to require Yahoo employees work on site to a variety of other studies on the importance of collaboration, many people assume that the office is the best place to get work done. Despite views to this effect some people, argues Jason Fried, still look for other places where they can accomplish “real work.”

According to Fried, the reason for this is that the distractions people face in the office, namely by meeting and managers, are distractions that people can’t control whereas those such as social media or internet sites are largely voluntary distractions. To combat this, Fried argues that we reduce many of these involuntary distractions at the office so that people can have longer periods of uninterrupted time to do work. In this talk, viewers should consider what is the purpose of work and what an appropriate level of interaction might look like.

Does this talk present an accurate picture of work for most office workers and its main inhibitors to that (solitary efforts that are interrupted by managers and meetings)? If not, how would you describe it?

How would you describe the purpose of work and the role of other people as part of work? To what extent does this view of work reflect the Bible’s depiction of work?

Source: TED

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