A Biblical Foundation for Creation Care


Jay Ewing

This article from Tenth Avenue Alliance Church’s EPIC magazine articulates a biblical basis for creation care. Drawing from a variety of biblical sources, particularly within Genesis, this article demonstrates how creation care should be seen as central to the Christian faith. Ewing notes that having a proper understanding of God’s creation also gives us a better understanding of what God is like. In particular, Ewing demonstrates God’s care for all of creation—not just humanity. As God’s image bearers, we should also demonstrate this responsible care for the world. This article, which is part of an entire publication dedicated towards these issues, is particularly encouraging when one also sees the various efforts that Tenth Church is undertaking to see this same level of care demonstrated in the church’s regular activities. Anyone looking to see how environmental concerns align with the Christian faith will find this an encouraging read. Likewise, churches looking to explore what it means to take creation care more seriously can learn a lot from this publication.

What aspects of God’s character stand out to you when considering his care for creation as a whole?

Why have Christians been previously hesitant to embrace more of a creation care ethic?

Source: Tenth Avenue Alliance Church: EPIC Magazine

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