An Extended Interview with Norman Wirzba


Norman Wirzba

In this PBS interview, Norman Wirzba talks about the importance of eating both from a religious viewpoint and an ecological one. In particular, Wirzba calls people to reflect upon the very act of eating and how one views food during this process. For example, is food merely fuel or should we see food in another light? Even if we do view it differently, what difference do we expect it to make? Offering reflections on these points and a variety of other related points—including the offering of grace for our meals—Wirzba begins to articulate how our habits and views of eating can have a significant impact on our daily lives. As he says, “every time you eat you give expression to what you think the world ought to be.”

People who are interested in getting a glimpse into how a Christian view of eating might give rise to subsequent lifestyle considerations will find this an interesting piece, even if they may not agree with all of his conclusions.

What might be some other potential implications for how Christians live in light of reflections on eating?

Source: Public Broadcasting Service

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