Christian Reflections in response to the Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Loren Wilkinson

Over the past several weeks Burnaby Mountain has become the latest area of conflict surrounding various oil companies' desire to expand their output to the Pacific via pipelines against the wishes of various British Columbia municipalities and residents. This disagreement has become all the more prolific due to the recent protests and arrests that have arisen in recent weeks.

While it is unlikely that disagreements on this issue will resolve in the near future, it does raise the question of what a Christian response might look like in this situation. In particular, for what reasons should a Christian be involved in a protest and under what circumstances should a Christian consider breaking the law? In this article, professor Loren Wilkinson explores what a Christian response in this situation might entail and how he has responded to similar situations in the past.

Do you agree with Wilkinson's argument that there are circumstances when civil disobedience is required? If so under what circumstances?

Source: Church for Vancouver

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