Climate Change: The Great Distraction


Olav Slaymaker, Iain Provan, and Paul Williams

The diverse expertise of the three speakers who deliver this address provides an insightful look at the issue of climate change from a Christian viewpoint. UBC Professor of Geography Olav Slaymaker offers a balanced perspective on global climate trends and their effects. MI Executive Director Paul Williams describes how climate change is not a root problem but a product of much deeper economic, scientific, ethical, and spiritual issues. By doing so, Williams shows the ways the market as we know it is neither a value-free nor morally-neutral domain. It instead reflects different visions of what it means to be human. The address concludes with Regent College Professor of Old Testament, Iain Provan, who offers a biblical vision of what it means to be human in contrast with the vision implied by the dominant ideology of capitalism. Significantly, Provan argues that for many Christians, the orthodox Christian vision has been usurped by the capitalist vision, replacing a sacrificial relationship to creation with a view of creation as simply a resource for our individual good. As such, if creation’s problems are to be meaningfully addressed, there must first be a cultural transformation of how we understand our relationship to it.

Source: UBC Graduate & Faculty Christian Forum

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