Creating Wealth and the Created World


Preston Manning, Paul Williams, Iain Provan, Loren Wilkinson, and others

Do we have to choose between preserving business and preserving the environment? This Regent College conference seeks to steer clear of the predominant high degree of misunderstanding and distrust associated with this question. Rather, a biblical understanding of humanity’s purpose says that we are called to love God, love people, and care for creation by creatively unlocking the potential of the garden-planet that we steward. Faithful citizen-entrepreneurs can then engage issues of universal consequence in both pragmatic and prophetic ways. Topics covered include:

  • Personal Perspectives on the Challenge
  • The Alberta Oil Sands: A Case Study
  • Christian Call to Stewardship and Reconciliation
  • Leadership in the Market Place
  • Perspectives on the Alberta Oil Sands
  • Leadership
  • The Way Forward

Source: Marketplace Institute

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