Do Christians Care About the Earth?


Iain Provan

Do Christians care about the earth? Iain Provan argues that while some Christians have not cared for the earth, this behaviour is far from inclusive of all Christians and, more importantly, does not reflect a proper understanding of the biblical faith. Instead of answering the question of whether Christians do care about the earth, Provan focuses his talk on whether Christians should care for the earth, and if so, what the Christian faith has to say about this.

During the lecture, Provan addresses misinformation such as the human right to careless dominance over earthly creatures as well as consumerist views of nature in light of its supposed eventual destruction. To answer these challenges, and many others, Provan structures his lecture as a series of responses to Lynn White’s notable comments about Christianity’s lack of concern for the environment. He then concludes by responding to a series of audience questions including whether humanity’s best response is to be removed from environmental cares all together, how Christians might look at the relationship between organic and conventional food production, as well as whether there lies a danger in putting too much focus on earth-care. In sum, this lecture provides an excellent overview for why Christians should care about the earth.

Source: UCM

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