A Conversation with Environmental Campaigner Wendell Berry


Emma Brockes

In this piece Emma Brockes catches up with writer Wendell Berry to gather his reflections on items ranging from the organic food movement and industrialization to economics and farming legislation. Berry, who is a long-time advocate of better food production methods both in his writing and lifestyle, is particularly concerned about soil degradation and sustainable farming practices. Some of his suggestions to these problems include restructuring farming practices so that farms are able to supply most of their own fertility and operating energy, and removing subsidies to industrial agriculture efforts. Berry sees the former suggestion as a much better approach than current organic methods that require greater transportation costs to ship organic fertility matter in response to their absence of chemical fertilizers.

Another point of considerable concern to Berry is the high probability of severe food shortages within the US as a result of ongoing soil degradation within the limited agricultural lands. Whether Berry is right about the food shortage or not, this article certainly raises some interesting concerns for people of various nationalities and should encourage all of us to consider farming practices and legislation that encourage health and sustainability instead of only productivity and profitability.

Source: The Guardian

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