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Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan’s article challenges the current issues of a nation reliant on cheap food. Pollan argues that this has resulted in escalating healthcare burdens, problems with foreign trade, and increased environmental concerns. During his synopsis of the current food production system, Pollan exposes some of the downsides of this industry such as extensive use of fossil fuels and unsustainable farming practices. He summarizes these points when he suggests that we are really consuming “cheap food that is dishonestly priced.” Some of Pollan’s suggestions for change include educating farmers on more sustainable ways of farming, decentralizing the food system, and shifting towards a more solar-dependent form of food production. While some may disagree with some of Pollan’s proposals, this article certainly raises some “food for thought” by highlighting issues that deserve further attention

Is Pollan offering an accurate picture of the current state of the food production system? If not, then how would you summarize the current situation?

Which of Pollan’s suggested changes in the food industry do you think are most important for people to address at this moment?

Source: The New York Times

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