For Once, Some Environmental Good News?


Peter Harris

When people hear the term environmentalism in conversation, they don’t usually expect the subsequent dialogue to be a very uplifting one. After all, it seems that for the last several decades we’ve been presented with a continual barrage of bad news ranging from decreased biodiversity to increased global temperatures and the loss of considerable natural habitats. Furthermore, as bad news continued to surface about the planet during this time span, it appeared that there was very little changing by way of human behaviour.

It is in response to this negative outlook that Harris writes this article. While acknowledging that Christians have been regrettably slow in focusing on these issues, he notes that a shift has begun within the church. Amidst this shift Harris encourages Christians to adopt a posture of hope rather than simply perpetuating the pessimism that pervades environmental discussions. Moreover, Harris sees this posture of hope (and the call to care for creation) as an inherent part of the Christian story. Harris’s call for such a posture is a helpful one for today and one that we all would do well to embrace a bit more.

Note: Those interested in exploring further ways to adopt such a posture should look into the work done by A Rocha, a Christian conservation organization started by Harris.

The article mentions that our global problems are rooted more in our human values and beliefs than they are due to a lack of data or legislation. In light of this point, what do you think are some of the particular values and beliefs (if any) that have contributed towards many of the environmental crises that are prevalent today?

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