Fracking Isn't a Four-Letter Word


Chris Horst

How do you react when you hear the word ‘fracking’? Chris Horst assumes, and probably rightly, most Christians react negatively. In a recent article in Christianity Today, Horst argues that Christians should reappraise the technology, which is a method of extracting previously inaccessible natural gas reserves by blasting shale deposits with a slurry of water, chemicals, and sand. Horst argues that increasing natural gas production with fracking will increase jobs and reduce poverty as well as decrease the power of U.S. adversaries such as Russia and Saudi Arabia, the latter also being a known persecutor of Christians.

Horst’s article is a good reminder to Christians that we should do our research on a new technology before judging it, and that there may be some real benefits to be had from fracking.  However, there are also very real environmental hazards involved.  We should ask ourselves what is driving the use of this environmentally dangerous technology.  Is this not another case when we are allowing economic growth to hold priority above other considerations?  

Are the benefits of fracking that Horst outlines compelling?  Do they justify discounting the environmental costs associated with this technology?  

How can Christians be faithful to our God-given mandates to care for creation and to care for our neighbour on an issue such as this?

Source: Christianity Today

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