Half of World’s Food Going to Waste


Timothy MacDonald

This ABC news story focuses on a recent report issued by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers that shows there is a global waste of 1.2-2 billion tonnes of food per year, or up to half of all food produced. The reasons for the waste range from poor storage capabilities and bulk sale offers to consumer fussiness of food appearance. What’s most interesting about this article is the realization that the issues associated with waste are attributed to economic reasons as much as engineering ones. The report also highlights that as the population continues to increase, there will be a greater strain on available drinking water. This problem becomes all the more pressing given the growing global demand for meat. As IMechE’s engineering director puts it, “If you’ve got a real pinch on water, the last thing you want to do is try to raise cattle using water.”

While there are several points worth considering in this article it’s probably most important for people to recognize the extent to which everyone has a particularly significant role to play in reducing food waste. Those interested in exploring these issues further will find both the article and the report a helpful reminder that we can all care for creation far better than we have been.

What would be some recommendations for how people could reduce their food waste at home?

Source: ABC News Australia

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