Heat pumps extract warmth from ice cold water


Richard Anderson

It sounds quite strange, but a town in Norway is making headlines for its use of water pumps to heat both its homes and businesses. The pumps use the frigid water from a local fjord in combination with liquid ammonia and pressure to generate a more sustainable and productive heating system for the town. While pumps aren’t all that new, the town has taken a few innovations by shifting to water pumps and using ammonia instead of HFCs. The combined results of this approach has not only generated a cost saving of €2m per year, but it has done so while also drastically reducing its carbon footprint.

Hopefully other municipalities can draw from collaborative solutions such as this so that energy needs can be addressed in ways that are far more environmentally conscious than many current solutions.

How might other cities learn from this success and attempt similar approaches?

What challenges do you see to having solutions like this adopted in other areas?

Source: BBC

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