'Neglected Topic' Winner: Climate Change


Nicholas Kristof

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof suggests climate change might be the topic most in need of renewed interest in the media in 2014. But is media coverage of climate change really lacking? Is there not already a great awareness of the problem of climate change?

Paul Williams, in a talk to the UBC Graduate and Faculty Christian Forum, claims that the way climate change is being approached distracts from the problem at the root of environmental degradation: an understanding of humans and human society that makes the happiness of the autonomous individual, understood in terms of economic growth, the goal of human endeavour.

Paul Williams recommends that instead of technological or government policy fixes for climate change, we should first recognize and turn from the selfishness that has created the problem and construct a new moral vision. How can we begin to carry out this “repentance”? What role should the church play?

How can Christians embody the good news of the gospel in relation to climate change?

Source: The New York Times

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