Postcard from Namibia


Peter Harris

This article looks at recent shifts in Namibia where the focus on conservation is now waning after nearly 15 years of healthy recovery for several species, including the black rhino. Now that value for the creatures is decreasing people are more open to killing the creatures to increase profits. The article questions the role of money as the primary means of determining value and calls us to look beyond this to other means of determining value.

For those who are interested in exploring this topic further, Loren Wilkinson has written an excellent article exploring the different ways in which people assign value to the created world.

The article notes “ ‘what pays’ gives no moral reason for the people being paid to know when they have enough.” To what extent is this true, and how should one determine when they have ‘enough’?

What role should the rest of society play in helping to support various conservation efforts globally?

Source: A Rocha

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