What Is Environmental Health?


Mitch Hescox and Lyndsay Moseley

This clip contains an interview with Lyndsay Moseley, the director of advocacy for the American Lung Association’s Healthy Air campaign, and Mitch Hescox, president and CEO of Evangelical Environmental Network. The interview begins by addressing whether Christians should focus on creation care if they do not believe that climate change is occurring. The interview then moves on to focus on other environmental issues such as clean air and the presence of mercury in both the air and water. The talk concludes with some brief suggestions on how pastors might engage these topics with their congregations.

This is a great discussion that unpacks how the Christian’s call to care for creation can be expressed in various ways. The interview also presents views that aim to transcend political party lines in support of these efforts.

Moseley mentions that she heard very few sermons on caring for creation while growing up as a Christian. Why do you think the church has not seen this as an area of importance?

Source: Q Ideas

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