Within One Cubic Foot


Edward O. Wilson

In this article by world-renowned scientist E.O. Wilson, we catch a glimpse into the incredible diversity of life that lies just below the ground surface. With thousands of different species within just a cubic foot of soil, Wilson reveals the intricate levels of complexity amongst these various species and how they work so seamlessly together in a precision that far exceeds anything we are able to achieve through our own efforts.

Perhaps more striking about this article is that despite our general disregard for this complex biosphere, in this small space of ground lies “the heart of life on Earth.” The creatures work together to replenish nutrients within the soil that enable all other life to flourish. Equally fascinating is that we are aware of only a fraction of what is actually occurring within this space. In reading this article, readers will be encouraged to recognize how much of the world we have yet to understand. Equally, while we continue to understand more about the world around us, articles like this remind us that we should offer more careful analysis to the implications of any changes we might introduce to spaces like this.

What are some ways this article helps us develop a better posture for how humans should interact with nature?

Source: National Geographic

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