World’s First Lagoon Power Plants Unveiled in UK


Roger Harrabin

The UK has recently unveiled its plans to create a lagoon power plant off the coast of Wales. The plant would build a large barrier wall with turbines underneath to harness the power of the considerable tides in the area. The proposal sees this as a much better alternative than nuclear plants and is a more reliable source of energy than wind or solar powered options.

Previous plans for a lagoon-based plant near rivers and estuaries were dismissed because of environmental impacts, and while there is still concern about the impact for this proposal, the damage appears to be less, or at least less obvious, than the previous site proposals. The plan also assumes the space will be used for various sport and recreational activity. While the question of appropriate energy consumption levels remains unchallenged, it is at least encouraging to see efforts like this that are trying to reduce the environmental impact associated in generating additional energy.

What is your reaction to this proposal? Do you think this proposal offers a better alternative to other energy sources?

What other factors do you think should be considered as part of this proposal?

Source: BBC

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