Does Nature Point to a Creator?


John Lennox

“Can one see evidence of a creator in nature?” Oxford mathematician John Lennox thinks so and claims that as a Christian engaged with the sciences, he is in good company. In this short video clip, Lennox reminds us that Christianity birthed the modern sciences: pioneers such as Galileo, Keppler, and Newton “saw evidence of God in nature and dedicated their science to explicating that evidence.” In his own field of mathematics, Lennox finds it awe-inspiring that the order we conceive with our minds corresponds to the order of the universe. The reason for this, he explains, is that the same God created both.

What has been your experience of considering faith and science together? Does it surprise you that prominent contemporary scientists can hold Christian faith? Why or why not?

How can Christians change the “science vs. faith” narrative to reflect the reality of faithful Christian scientists?


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