Humanity 2.0

Steve Fuller

In this article, Steve Fuller asks if there is a shift on the horizon for what it means to be human. Pointing to the growing transhumanist movement ( and the possibility of non-human sentient beings, Fuller shows some of the ways that our culture is changing and explores what sort of response is required of us. It is important to ask, however, whether the situation Fuller describes necessarily means that we need to change our definition of what it means to be human. Prior to developing any new definition of humanity, we should first ask how we currently define what it means to be human. This is a difficult challenge given the pluralistic, fragmented culture experienced in the West, and the diversity of opinions globally. Within this confusing space, the Christian tradition offers stability and grounding through an understanding of the human person as one created by God in the image of God. As such, being human can be seen as a gift bestowed upon us by God, regardless of what we might do to modify those to whom the gift has been given.

Source: RSA

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