Modern Cosmology Versus God's Creation


Gary Gutting

Are theistic understandings of the nature of the universe compatible with cosmologies developed through modern science? This conversation between prominent philosophers Gary Gutting and Tim Maudlin suggests theistic and modern scientific cosmologies are not necessarily incompatible; sometimes it's one’s assumptions about God, and how He should create, that cause a perceived incompatibility. 

For example, Maudlin states that science has shown us a universe both spatially and temporally vast. For him, because of the "completely random location of homo sapiens within it,” we cannot accept the privileged place of the earth and humanity in the biblical creation account. However, Gutting points out that this assumes a perfect understanding of how the Creator should show a special relationship with humanity or with the earth, and it also assumes that this Creator might not also have other purposes in Creation beyond humanity.

Christians can benefit from following conversations such as this one, which suggest that some claims for the incompatibility of Christian and modern scientific understandings of the nature of the universe are too simplistic.

How can Christians help dispel the unsubstantiated notion that Christian and scientific cosmologies are necessarily incompatible?

In the article, Gutting does admit that certain readings of Genesis are incompatible with modern cosmology. How can Christians seek in unity to come to an interpretation of the Genesis account that is most faithful to what God intended to reveal about Creation?

Source: The New York Times

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