ARTICLE SERIES: Christianity & Science


Paul Arnold

This series of six articles written by Paul Arnold presents a cogent appeal for the integration of Christianity and science. In the face of more modern preconceptions that Christian faith and science are necessarily at odds, this series hopes to reconcile the relationship between science and Christianity in order to reassess God’s rightful place in creation and appreciate science’s legitimate role as a means of acquiring knowledge and discovering truth. The series walks the reader through the nature of scientific knowledge, its limitations, and the re-opening of its relationship with the supernatural and ultimately God, the Author of science and the Creator of all it explores.

Part 1: A Theology of Science and Divine Action

Part 2: The Nature of Scientific Knowledge

Part 3: The Closing of Natural Science: Removing God from Creation

Part 4: The Entrenchment of Natural Science: Ignoring God in Creation

Part 5: The Opening of Natural Science: Including God in Creation

Part 6: The Metaphors We Use to Speak about God and Creation

Paul received his Masters of Science in Physiology before completing his Masters of Christian Studies at Regent College where he focused on Christianity & Culture. Paul’s final comprehensive paper was on modern science and divine providence, which forms the basis for this series. He is currently living with his wife, Krista, in rural Uganda where they are working with a community development organization. Paul also works as a writer and editor for Converge Magazine.

Source: Marketplace Institute

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