Did Scientists Really Discover the 'Gene That Makes Us Human'?


Dave Unander

In this article, Professor of Biology, Dave Unander, writes for Christianity Today about the discovery of miR-941—the gene that apparently distinguishes us as humans. Drawing on his field of expertise, he is able to describe what the discovery is all about, why it is exciting for scientists, but also why the rhetoric used is out of proportion. Helpfully, Unander is able to go further and look at other proposed sources of our humanity. Ultimately, he finds that science is limited in telling us what it means to be human, especially if we consider that the ultimate human ability is to commune with God in a manner distinct from the rest of nature.

What can we learn about our humanity from the study of genes?

How can we encourage a different style of rhetoric that avoids grandiose scientific claims, while still validating the offerings of scientific disciplines?

Source: Christianity Today

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