The "Most Significant" Photo Recently Taken from Space


Megan Garber

On Dec 19, 2012, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield launched into a five month space mission, an endeavor that has spawned much chatter largely due to the mesmerizing images he has taken from space and available via Twitter on a daily basis. These photos include what Hadfield calls in this brief article his “most significant photo” yet—an image of the normally unseen noctilucent clouds. Hadfield’s infectious enthusiasm and effort to share his scientific endeavors has resulted in a significant buzz about the beauty of our planet and generated a desire to join in the scientific endeavour.

Interestingly, Hadfield is identified by The Atlantic not only as a “scientist” and “engineer”, but also as an “evangelist” of scientific exploration. Hadfield’s “good news” of the wonder of space exploration should be encouraging to Christian scientists and science enthusiasts alike as they consider how their passion and willingness to share their work can facilitate wonder and care of the beautiful creation in which we live.

For more of Chris Hadfield’s photos visit his Twitter account.

Source: The Atlantic

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