The truth about technology's greatest myth


Tom Chatfield

Will technology progress to the point where “we finally escape, augment or otherwise overcome our natures and emerge into some new phase of the human story”? Tom Chatfield thinks the “Singularity Myth” will never be a reality, because technology does not revolutionize human behaviour and nature, but rather provide new “molds” for “our goodness, hope and charity; our greed, pride and lust.”

Christians have a complex relationship with technology: while we encourage and esteem development of new tools for human thriving, we must necessarily ask whether new technologies serve this purpose, or whether they try to fit human beings into an incompatible vision of progress. We should engage actively with conversation about technology to discern the underlying vision for human life and thriving.

How is the dream to “overcome our natures” via technology compatible or incompatible with the biblical story and especially the biblical story’s end goal?

How can we maintain a posture of hopeful encouragement about the contribution of technology to human flourishing, while at the same time challenging a misplaced hope in technology as the salvation of humanity or a conception of technologized existence as humanity’s end goal?

Source: BBC

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