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John Lennox

Considering the priority now given to scientific approaches to understanding the universe, does Scripture no longer have a role to play? In a recent Regent chapel talk, Oxford mathematician John Lennox claims Scripture has as great a role as ever to play, and Christians need to renew their confidence in the place of Scripture in public square discussion.

Professor Lennox claims that the key to any kind of rational investigation into the universe, the very “motor that drives science,” is God’s Eternal Word, attested to in Scripture. When it explains the origin of all creation in God’s Word, Scripture helps us understand how, for example, mathematicians can use their minds to create written formulas that correspond to realities in the physical universe. Moreover, God reveals in Scripture the basis for the dignity of humanity. God tells us that humans were created in His image, and God the Eternal Word even became a human being, Jesus Christ. Purely naturalistic approaches to science do not find reason to give humanity such dignity.

Lennox’s inspiring talk is well worth the brief twelve minutes it takes to listen to; the talk is a bold step toward instilling confidence back into the Christian community, which has been rocked in recent years by an advancing popular naturalism.

What issues are currently challenging Christians’ confidence in the ability of Scripture to speak to the issues of our time?

How can you and your Christian community take steps to reinvigorate your view of Scripture and its role?

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