We Are All Cyborgs Now

Amber Case

Anthropologist Amber Case argues that technology is essentially an extension of the self. For the vast majority of human history, tools have been used and developed to extend our physical selves. But now, human beings are extending their mental selves through cyber technology. This has led to the development of a “second self”: a presentation of the self in a digital life with which people can interact even when one is not logged-in online or immediately aware of such an interaction. Additionally, technological advances have created a sort of ambient intimacy in which a person can connect to anyone they want at any time. While such advances have led to some negative results (e.g., loss of self-reflection), Case argues that they have ultimately helped us be more human. She suggests that we are increasing our humanness (“we are co-creating each other all the time”) and our ability to connect with each other, because interaction through cyberspace is still human connection simply done in a different way.

Source: TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

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