What My Daughter Wants You to Know About Prenatal Testing


Amy Julia Becker

Prenatal screening has advanced to a point where many conditions, as well as the predisposition to certain conditions, can be detected early in a pregnancy, one of the primary purposes being to help parents determine whether to terminate the pregnancy. One condition that can now be detected with some accuracy is Down syndrome.

In this article the mother of a child with Down syndrome relates her child’s response when she shares with her child that there is now a prenatal test to detect Down syndrome. Her child’s response might surprise you. Hopefully it will alert you to the great need for the church to engage faithfully, intelligently, and compassionately in issues surrounding prenatal testing and disability.

In other articles on the author’s blog, we learn prenatal testing can be vital for the healthy birth of a child with Down syndrome, since heart conditions sometimes present with Down syndrome can complicate delivery. How do we manage the tension between benefits and moral dangers in technologies like prenatal testing?

How can the church best communicate its belief in the value of human life in a culture where to an ever-greater extent the value of life is based on the “quality” of life?

Source: Christianity Today

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