Why everyone must understand science


A.C. Grayling

What role should science play in society? Philosopher A.C. Grayling argues that because of the increasing pervasiveness of technology in everyday life and the great advances afforded by the scientific imagination, knowledge of science should be greatly extended throughout the population, a process which should begin by schools and universities increasing their science curricula. Grayling also sees the potential for science to form the basis of a new all-encompassing worldview in society, similar to the role Christianity played in the Middle Ages.

How can we affirm and increase the advances made by science without encouraging it to be, in Paul Arnold's words, the "overriding interpretive framework," which we bring to the world?

Would it help to remember that in many ways the scientific method arose out of a Christian worldview - a worldview which saw the natural world as a good creation, ordered and knowable?

Source: BBC

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