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An Open Letter to Uncle Sam, From Your Northern Neighbour


Preston Manning, MI Senior Fellow

In this rather humorous letter addressed to the United States, Preston Manning strives to strike common ground with both Republicans and Democrats for reconciliation. Reflecting on what was a very turbid political season, Manning contends that there needs to be a “coming together” between parties in order for them to work towards the betterment of their country. As a way forward, Manning points to one of the icons in American political history, Abraham Lincoln, and in particular Lincoln’s second inaugural address, which shows how reconciliation is “as much a spiritual process as a political process.” This, however, is not just an American problem; the conflict model of politics is increasingly prevalent across the globe. And so, in offering a friendly word of advice to his neighbours across the border, Manning is also offering the rest of the world a means through which we can come together.

How can we move away from a conflict model of party politics?

What other historical models can we look to as exemplars for how significant disagreement within politics can be handled well?

Source: Huffington Post

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