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Died: Nelson Mandela, South African Leader Who Stood Against Apartheid


Gideon Strauss

The world is mourning the loss of Nelson Mandela, who died late last week at the age of 95. In this article Regent College alumnus Gideon Strauss reflects on the lessons of Mandela's life for political engagement.

In Mandela's commitment to ending the apartheid regime and building a new constitutional democracy in South Africa, Strauss sees a reminder to Christians that they must engage in political activism, since Scripture calls us to work for justice. Mandela's life is an encouragement that activism can in fact bring about significant change. However, Strauss also recognizes in the continuing brokenness in his native South Africa the limitations of politics during this time between Christ's resurrection and the final inauguration of His Kingdom.

What does it mean for Christians in Western democracies to work for justice through politics? What role does the church play in working for political justice?

How do we balance working politically for justice in society while remaining aware of the limitations of politics before Christ's return?

Source: Christianity Today

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