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How Christmas Lights Helped Guerrillas Put Down Their Guns

Jose Miguel Sokolof

The TED talk by marketing expert Jose Miguel Sokoloff recounts how he and his team conducted an effective communication plan that resulted in a significant reduction of guerrillas within Colombia. By using a variety of approaches that included Christmas lights on trees within the jungle and various other notes and stories by people, the campaign appealed to shared values and our common humanity as it let the guerrillas know that they were wanted back in society and that a future life was possible.

This is a remarkable story about how key insights and effective messaging can be a powerful ally in reaching people who seem to be so different from ourselves, especially as it demonstrates actions of hope, love and forgiveness towards others. As Christians, we should be known for offering similar messages of hope and love towards others.

What might be similar ways that you can welcome people who might not be willing to come back on their own?

What concerns do you have in pursuing efforts like what were shared in this story?

Source: TED

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