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How to Reframe Beginning-of-Life Issues


Preston Manning

In response to recent movements in the Canadian parliament, Preston Manning has written in the Globe & Mail about how we might “reframe” the debate around beginning-of-life issues. Manning first recognises that this issue is one that has been alive for a number of decades now, but with an “unfortunate” lack in resolution and any sort of consensus over when life truly does begin. Manning offers a number of suggestions to encourage forward movement in this debate. For one, we need to take into account the latest scientific findings in this area rather than 19 th century medical knowledge. Second, we need to remove the strict division between maternal or fetal rights, working hard to recognise both, and thus face the hard decisions that are required. We have to readily, Manning argues, decide that the previous generation has said all that there is to say on both sides of the argument. Finally, Manning calls for the introduction of deontological ethics, thinking through the ultimate ramifications of our decisions rather than just the pragmatic or utilitarian concerns.

Source: The Globe and Mail

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