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Immigration Matters

M. Daniel Carroll R.

In this Q Ideas article, M. Daniel Carroll R. offers a biblical framework from which to reflect on the political battles around immigration. Carroll pushes past the simplistic and highly charged rhetoric around immigration to examine what a more thoughtful Christian position might be when journeying through the biblical story. The first port of call for Carroll is the creation of humankind in the image of God, and the value it bestows upon each of us. From here he moves on to the many stories of sojourners found within the Old Testament including those of Ruth and Joseph, placing these stories within the context of the law given in the Torah. Carroll then shifts focus to the New Testament and the loving relationship Jesus encourages between neighbouring people groups. Significantly, Carroll finds that Scripture challenges us to consider both the need to view those in other countries as our neighbours, and the need for us to provide a measure of care for them. However, the Bible also provides exemplars, such as Joseph, for the way in which immigrants should seek the welfare of the country to which they move.

Source: Q Ideas

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