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Review of "The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better For Everyone"

Nathan McLellan

Nathan McLellan, Regent College alumnus and former Head of Research at the MI, gives a guest book review for Maxim Institute of The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better For Everyone by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett. The book argues that “human well-being” is more dependent on “how equally a country’s income is shared” than on how much “average income” increases. In that this conclusion can be seen to support greater income redistribution through the tax system, it has divided the political spectrum. In his review, McLellan works through the “anthropology and societal vision” presented by the authors, and then the “policy prescriptions” that are subsequently recommended. In doing so, the review finds that while upholding a relational vision of humanity, there is a “degree of ambiguity” over “what constitutes quality human relationship.” Furthermore, McLellan argues that there remains a question over the extent to which the research findings of The Spirit Level lead to the policy recommendations that are made.

Source: Maxim Institute

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